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Buy Door Closers and Controls Online:

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Door closers and controls internal and external accessories are important for an interior work for commercial or residential buildings. Door closers are the accessories which automatically closes the doors when we open it.

Brass Works Ltd offers you the exclusive range of quality hardware products. The company is a leading brand of hardware accessories such as doors furniture, hinges, locks and security, doors and window fittings with attractive look and safety.

How Do We Maintain Quality?

The company provides the best authentic and cheap door controls in England. Having great finishing and attractive shape and sizes, these doors are ideal for all industrial and logistics needs in the architectural environment. They ensure good quality, durable and hassle-free installation.

Brass-works.co.uk is the best online quality door closers and controls product suppliers in the UK where you can buy the best door closers and control products. They offer their buyers and traders with branded Concealed Door Closers and Overhead Door Closers.

Our Exclusive Range of Door Closers:

Overhead Door Closer:

There’re the most commonly used door closers. They’re easy in installation and really inexpensive. Likewise concealed door closers, the overhead door closer has come under various options as surface mounted closer (cover only to suit), door closer cover to suit and hold open arm to suit.

You can buy cheap door closers and controls via online shopping in Brass-Works.co.uk. Also, you can easily know the current market prices of door closers and Controls accessories.

Our listed rates are never costly for the buyers. If you compare our online hardware store with various offline hardware stores in London, You would never find differences in pricing. Even you cheer up with our quality and low price.

Undoubtedly, you can have trust with us for cool and fast door closers & controls online delivery UK

Panic Hardware

It’s the door hardware which is used mainly in the exit doors and designed to work fast at the exit. Such hardware’s are used mainly in overcrowded areas like big malls, theatres, closed community buildings, hospitals, and restaurants. These devices are functions differently from a normal typical lock.

Our Featured Door Controls:

Our door controls devices meet the European standards such as

  • BS EN 1154:1997 Controlled Door Closing Devices,
  • BS EN 1155:1997 Electrically Powered Hold Open Devices for Swing Doors

We’ve included various products in this range like overhead closers, floor springs, and electromagnetic door fire control system. These door controls are laced with advanced features such as backcheck and hold open, customizable swing power and delayed action.


You can buy an exclusive range of door closers and controls online from the grand online hardware store, the Brass-Works Ltd, which has the options of next day delivery and free delivery on orders over £999. For the best and quality products and if have any query reach out to us.

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