Buy Bathroom Turn and Release Door Handle

It’s very important to select a durable bathroom turn and release for your lock for privacy. Turn and releases are the door indicators to be used on bathroom locks and handles to allow you to unlock the door from the inside using the thumbturn.

You can buy square and round profile thumb turn and release for internal doors to be used for bathroom. Bathroom turn and release are used with door handles or door knobs on rose.

However, lots of brands are available in the ironmongery marketplace in London, UK and England. We are the top rankers among them. All sorts of product categories are available in our turn and release thumbturn stores.

You may scroll our whole range of products here to buy with the affordable turn and release cost. We have a complete range of turn and release to match all of the handles and knobs. Turn and release are fixed underneath the handle or knob to easily operate on a bathroom lock or deadbolt. The external release part can be used to open the door from outside in case of emergency. External lock fitted to a bathroom, cloakroom or en-suite is the required regulations of current building’s infrastructure.

Whether you are looking to buy turn and release thumbturns or would like to buy turn and release locks and latches, visit our grand online store for the best turn and release thumbturns online shopping deal

Why Brass-Works?

We are the prominent turn and release thumbturns suppliers.

You may visit the brass-works turn and release store, UK to buy cheap bathroom thumb lock. If you are dwelling in London and UK or England and looking for the best ironmongery online store, Brass-works is always with you to provide the quality products.

We have complete set of internal and external turn and release thumbturns. You can filter your choices with lots of options available in the website such as finish, brand, and prices.  The vast majority of our turn and release have the UK standard size and shape of spindle.

We have lots of styles available from modern to traditional styles with popular finishes. Turn and release also come with indicators which let you know if the turn has been working.

Our turn and release thumbturn shop ensures you to feel for us a great marketplace to easily find rare to popular categories of turn and release door handle.

We make it easy to find your best door thumblock accessories. Fortunately, you would find here the entire range of branded and the lowest turn and release thumbturn prieshaving excellent finish as well as attractive look.


Doors are the essential part of our internal home décor. They require not just attractive look but safety and surety also should be there. Hence, external and internal turn and release thumbturns are more popular. From Brass-works you can buy cheap bathroom thumb lock without compromising with the quality factors.  You can buy turn and release online within the price range of 7 Euros to 18 Euros depending on the brand and finishes.

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