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Hinges have the mechanism to provide support and attach the door to its frame.Hinges are a very vital part of our hardware as they help to install doors.They are ideally designed for letting the door open and close easily. Although, their structure is small and you would find most of them similar but there are various hinges as per the usage. For proper swing of door, cabinet or gates, we need to have proper hinges.

There are hinges as per your requirement and structure of the door. There arelightweight interior doors and exterior doors for which there are different hinges used. On fire doors, there is a special type of hinge used because of its weight and usage.

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Fire Door Hinges are easily available online and in stores. You can find Fire Door Hinges Stores having a variety of hinges available in Brass-Works Pvt Ltd.

Fire Door Hinges Cost a little higher compared to other hinges because it of the high-class mechanism adopted while manufacturing it. We are dealing in Fire Door Hinges Londonand Fire Door Hinges England.

The following section refers to some of our quality products with extensive specs and prices.

Product Specification:

Non Removable Pin Thrust Bearing Hinge

  • Price: 25.05 Euros
  • Size: 100mm X 76mm X 3mm
  • Brand: Eurospec
  • Unit of Sale: Pair
  • Finish: SSS

Parliament Hinge C/W Screws

  • Price: 26.45 Euros
  • Size: 101.6 X 101.6 X 3mm
  • Brand: Eurospec
  • Unit of Sale: Pair
  • Finish: PSS

Ball Bearing Hinge- Grade 13

  • Price: 18.80 Euros
  • Size: 102 X 102 X 3mm
  • Brand: Eurospec
  • Unit of sale: Pair
  • Finish: PVD

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 Final verdict:

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