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Doors are a very important part of our house. They have a vital role in providing safety to us, from trespassers and protecting the privacy of everyone in the house. Along with the door even hinges play an important role in your house. For holding and supporting the door you need to have a good quality hinge.

If you are installing a new door, renewing your old door or performing simple repair you would find hinges are the elements which are holding doors, cabinets, gates and are available in almost all parts of the home.

There are a variety of Hinges available including, Ball Bearing Hinges, Plain Bearing Hinges, Butt Hinges, Butterfly Hinges, Piano Hinges, Spring Hinges, Swing and Sway Hinges, Knuckle Hinges and many more.

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You can Buy Sprung Hinges UKfrom our website Brass Works Limited. We provide you Best Sprung Hinges with great quality and affordable price. Sprung Hinges are used as door closing devices. For proper force for closing the door, it requires two sprung hinges. This hinge has a spring fitted inside it, which allows the door gets back to the closing position itself.

As it has a self-closing mechanism, it is a great option for external doors. They are usually used for lightweight doors. You can get Cheap Sprung Hinges at our Sprung Hinges Stores or you can surf us online. You can determine the Sprung Hinges Cost as per your budget and we help you find Internal Sprung Hinges or External Sprung Hinges as per your pocket.

Product Specifications:

Here is a short view of our product list. Also, you may aware for the product specs and cost in the hardware marketplace.

Double Action Spring Hinge – 102mm – Brass Plated – Pair

  • Cost:29.50 Euros
  • Finish: Polished Brass
  • Max door weight: 20kg
  • Type: Swing Hinges
  • Size: 124 X 129 X 5mm
  • Max door thickness: 30mm
  • Max door width: 700mm

Adjustable Self Closing Spring Hinge

  • Price: 18.90 Euros
  • Product Brand: Eurospec
  • Size: 102 X 76 X 3mm
  • Finish: SSS
  • Unit of Sale: Pair
  • Material : Stainless Steal


Why Brass-Works?

We are Sprung Hinges Suppliers and proving high-quality service at your doorstep. We can supply Sprung Hinges London and Sprung Hinges in England. We are providing hardware accessories and best service for Sprung Hinges UK delivery.

We offer free shipping for every purchase over 99 Euros. We always tend to provide the quality and long lasting products range. In case, any customer doesn’t meet the requirement, we assure 30 days money back guarantee.

Our Sprung Hinges Shop gives you a large variety of option to choose from. Sprung Hinges are used mostly for Screen doors, garage entry doors, kitchen, salon or where outward swinging doors are needed. Hinges are not easily changed therefore it is necessary to install best Hinges with good quality and durability. In Sprung Hinges Online Shopping Deal, we are the best brand to trust.

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