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We’re the one and one most reputed Intumescent & Fire Control Stores in UK. We’re the successful traders in the widest hardware marketplace. We offer Quality Intumescent & Fire Control Products online at the cheapest prices.

If you guy’s searing the Best Fire Seal and fire stopping products at affordable price, get your deal done with the Brass-Works Ltd. We have got a complete stock of all sorts of Intumescent Accessories. We’re recommended for branded fire control products as we offer fast Intumescent & Fire Control Online Delivery in the UK.

The Brass-Works Ltd takes an active approach to fire protection. We’re in commitment to provide new product development. Also, we collaborate with UKAS certified test houses all around the world to develop an international testing program. We’ve lots of onsite indicative furnaces for new product manufacturing projects and to achieve compliance against general standards on regular basis.

We’re IFC certified brand among the top 5 Online Intumescent & Fire Control Hardware Suppliers. The third party IFC certifications are the reasons why we are dealing with around 500K customers and traders not just in UK but also in England and London.

We have the most talented and technical expertise having excellent production capability. Moreover, our certification provides us the next level confidence in providing the high-level security products such as Cheap Intumescent & Fire Control.

Our Product Categories:

We offer all sorts of categories in the range of Intumescing and Fire Control Accessories. We’ve all from drought seal to Intumescent Vents & Letter Plates in buyer’s pocket prices. This is the reason our products are accessible for all. Whether you have a small house or a tall building, fire controller devices and accessories must be there not just for protection but also to follow the law.

The Brass-Works Intumescent Features:

Our intumescent fire control devices are equipped with many excellent and tested features such as:

  • High-pressure force during expansion
  • Not affected by humidity or immersion in water
  • Non-toxic and non-fibrous (dust free)
  • Non-flaking and difficult to tear
  • The expansion ratio of 25:1 by volume for perimeter applications
  • The expansion ratio of 10:1 by volume for glazing applications.

Due to the excellent performance and adventives features, we’re relentlessly getting best reviews with 5 stars rating. We are trusted Online Intumescent & Fire Control Hardware Suppliers not merely in UK, London, and England but also in worldwide.

Third Party Certifications:

Our industry, the Brass-Works Ltd is a certified by many reputed organizations and worldwide testing houses such as CE, IFC. We’ve proven ourselves time to time the best Intumescent & Fire Control Stores in the UK.

Additionally, we only use the standard level of manufacturing processes to produce quality products with reliability and durability. We are the fastest online hardware suppliers who offer the fastest Intumescent & Fire Control Online Delivery in the UK.

Get In Touch:

We’ve extensible and friendly customer dealing approach. Our expertise team remains available for 24X7 hours. Feel free to say your requirement any time. We offer all that you require.

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